Cartooning for Peace / Press and Media Week in Schools – 34th edition

Press and Media Week in Schools – 34th edition

from 24 March to 1 April 2023

Initiated in 1990 by Clemi, the Press and Media Week in Schools (SPME) has become, over the years, the most important media education event organised in France. Conducted every year in March, this operation offers students the opportunity to discover the news media in their diversity and pluralism, to carry out workshops to decipher the news and to exchange with news professionals (journalists, press cartoonists, caricaturists, photo reporters, etc.).

For the next 2 editions, the theme of the SPME is “Information on all fronts”.

This decade has seen the emergence of unprecedented events: the worldwide Covid pandemic, the globalisation/deregulation of economic flows and now the war in Ukraine. Our democratic societies are keen to ensure that their citizens have free and plural access to information so that they can grasp the issues behind the real facts, reported and attested, and act as informed citizens.

But the professionals of information – those who produce it – and the citizens who receive it, are facing major challenges to continue to inform and be informed in a world shaken by these recent events.

Free, plural and independent information is under tension, confronted with political and economic powers. It is now on all fronts: that of access to the facts during armed conflicts in particular, that of verification of the facts in a context of information wars, that of freedom and independence to disseminate information within an information system that has become affairist, and that of our capacity to receive and understand the facts in the face of an intense and deregulated flow of information data.

The SPME 2023 poster was designed by press cartoonist Piet (France), a member of Cartooning for Peace.

As every year, Cartooning for Peace is participating in the Press and Media Week in Schools.
A meeting with the press cartoonist Yas (France) will take place on Wednesday 29 March at the Paris Anim’ Jacques Bravo centre in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, as part of the “FUTUR.E.S” forum on media and digital professions.
The aim of this workshop is to share with a large audience the behind-the-scenes aspects of the profession of a press cartoonist and his career path, and to show that career paths are not often linear!
Access to the forum is free, upon registration.
On Wednesday 29 March 2023, in partnership with the MGEN section of the North of France, which is organising an event around the educational tools offered by MGEN and its partner organisations in the field of education, nature, etc., two workshop-meetings are organised with the press cartoonist Mr.T (France), aimed at members and in particular at history-geography teachers, EMC, CPEs, etc. …. These workshops will take place around the exhibition “Draw me Gender Equality”, of which MGEN is a partner.
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