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Projects in France

Humour is a weapon that aims at the smile to reach the head!

– Angel Boligán (Mexico)

Goal: Free speech

Cartooning for Peace raises awareness of major social problems through smiling, using the strong educational value of press cartoons. The organisation is a recognised content publisher, specialising in media education and education for citizenship and international solidarity.

Cartooning for Peace offers 9 educational kits (travelling exhibitions accompanied by educational booklets for education professionals):

The work on the educational kits can then lead to meetings with cartoonists, in the form of workshop-debates.


Our educational approach

1/ Around the exhibition

To raise awareness of press cartoons and how to read images
To reflect and debate on the themes proposed

2/ Around a French press cartoonist

To discover his profession, his vision of freedom of expression and its limits
To address the issue of taboos

3/ Around a press cartoonist from the network

Discover the reality of the profession in other countries, their vision of freedom of expression and its limits
Confront the visions of cartoonists with young people

4/ Supporting education professionals

The “Press cartoons and fundamental freedoms” platform, which is free of charge upon registration, offers a support programme to raise awareness among education professionals (teachers and extracurricular workers) of pedagogy through press cartoons and human rights. Currently, the platform is available to French speaking professionals only.


Our audiences

In schools

Thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Education and Youth and MGEN, Cartooning for Peace’s educational kits reach more than 600,000 secondary school students each year, including more than 4,000 in the context of meetings with press cartoonists.

Cartooning for Peace relies on a solid network of players throughout France to tour and use the educational kits: coordinators from the Canopé/CLEMI network, MGEN delegates, educational teams, local authorities and associations.

The organisation has been approved by the French Ministry of Education and Youth as an association that supports public education (MENE2214200A), which was renewed in 2022 for a period of 5 years (since 2016).

In prison

Thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Justice, Cartooning for Peace’s educational kits reach multiple prisons each year. Around 200 prisoners benefit from meetings with cartoonists every year.

With young people in custody

Since 2018, Cartooning for Peace has been offering minors in custody workshop-debates with press cartoonists, for which the organisation received the 2019 Media and Information Education Award from the Assises du Journalisme, in the non-school category.



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