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Media Partnerships

Each week, in collaboration with media partners, Cartooning for Peace offers a selection of international press cartoons to raise public awareness of press cartoons, to discover their strength and specificities and to share different points of view and cartooned views of contemporary society. Discover Cartooning for Peace’s cartoons through our media partners!


Le Monde

Historical support of Cartooning for Peace, Le Monde publishes a cartoon by Cartooning for Peace members on the front page of the newspaper from Monday to Thursday. Cartooning for Peace also has its blog  “Libérons les crayons !” – Let’s free the pencils.



“Libérons les crayons !” Cartooning for Peace’s blog on Le Monde’s website

The “Libérons les crayons!” (Let’s free the pencils!) blog is an all-cartoon look at a hot topic in the international news at the moment, as seen through the eyes of Cartooning for Peace cartoonists.



France Médias Monde

In virtue of their common values, France Médias Monde and Cartooning for Peace collaborate since 2013 in order to promote the recognition of press cartoonists’ journalistic work and contribute to freedom of expression. Each Friday evening, on the set of the show “One week in the world” on France 24, Cartooning for Peace’s cartoons on international news.


France Culture

Since 2018, Cartooning for Peace collaborates on the “Cultures Monde” programme, presented by Mélanie Chalandon, on France Culture. It explores contemporary issues in different countries and regions of the world. Every Friday morning, a press cartoon related to the news of the week is commented on.




Cartooning for Peace and Moyen-Orient have been partners since 2015: a page of press cartoons devoted to a current theme in the Middle East and composed of 6 to 7 press cartoons is offered to the magazine’s readers every three months.



Le Temps

A selection of cartoons is submitted to the Swiss daily Le Temps: one of the 10 cartoons submitted is published in the Saturday cultural supplement under the heading “Le dessin de la semaine, sélectionné par Chappatte” (The cartoon of the week, selected by Chappatte).


The Conversation France

Since 2024, every week, a few articles are enriched by the offbeat viewpoint and sharp analysis of Cartooning for Peace’s cartoonists, reminding us that press cartoons are an integral part of the news media ecosystem.



Valeurs Mutualistes (MGEN)

Cartooning for Peace sketches current events in the “Eye of the cartoonists” section of Valeurs Mutualistes, the quarterly magazine for MGEN members.