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Press cartoonists gathered at the Council of Europe for the World Forum for Democracy, November 2019 © Sandro Weltin – Council of Europe

* Why join Cartooning for Peace as a member cartoonist? *

Cartooning for Peace is an international network of committed press cartoonists, who fight with humour for the respect of cultures and freedoms.
Press cartoon uses off the wall humour to denounce and to reflect on the world’s current events. We conceive press cartoon as a major and essential tool to build a dialogue between the various cultures and religions.

Our association seeks to promote fundamental freedoms and freedom of expression through laughter, tolerance and respect of diversity. Cartooning for Peace also aims to promote and establish dialogue between drawn opinions throughout the world.

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* What does being cartoonist for Cartooning for Peace, actually mean? *

Cartooning for Peace uses the cartoons sent by cartoonists members of the network for exhibitions, teaching materials and website on various themes relating to fundamental freedoms and freedom of expression.  Cartooning for Peace regularly offers cartoonists to take part in conferences, debates, workshops in school and prison settings as well as meetings with the public in Europe and around the world.

Cartooning for Peace is committed to keep informed each cartoonist of the network’s current events, of the use of his cartoons and to enhance his editorial work within the network as part of its editorial operations and media.


* How to join Cartooning for Peace? *

To submit your application, please send to :

  • a biography (specifying publication journals and the address of your website or blog)
  • a drawn self-portrait
  • a selection of 10 cartoons (in separate JPEG files)
  • a letter of motivation

Your application will be studied by a committee (composed of 7 member cartoonists) which meets once a year.

Application deadline: June 30, 2023