Editorial of November 16, 2018

Brexit, This Is NOT the End…

After 17 months of turbulent negotiations, on 14 November, the British government finally accepted the draft Brexit deal that was concluded the day before with the European Union.

An ephemeral taste of victory for Prime Minister Theresa May, who suffered a serious setback on 15 November: in Parliament, divisions within the Conservative Party between supporters of the “hard Brexit” and Europhiles broke out in the open. Later that day, five members of the government resigned, including the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. 

An unexpected development for May which could lead to a vote of no confidence and her dismissal. A catastrophic scenario that would lead to new legislative elections… or a second referendum on Brexit! To be continued…

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  • Morten Morland (Royaume-Uni / UK), Sunday Times
    Morten Morland (Royaume-Uni / UK), Sunday Times
    Theresa May: "J'ai dans ma main un morceau de papier..."
  • Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
    Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
    "Le brouillon du Brexit - Accord conclu"
  • Kroll (Belgique / Belgium), Le Soir
    Kroll (Belgique / Belgium), Le Soir
    "So? Where are you?" "It will be very simple."
  • Herrmann (Suisse / Switzerland), Tribune de Genève
    Herrmann (Suisse / Switzerland), Tribune de Genève
    "The Brexit agreement divides May's government." "Europe keeps the butter and the butter's money... but they are leaving us North Ireland!"
  • Gargalo (Portugal), Cartoon Movement
    Gargalo (Portugal), Cartoon Movement
    D'après la pochette de l'album "London Calling" de The Clash. / After the cover of The Clash's album "London Calling".
  • Antonio Rodríguez (Mexique / Mexico)
    Antonio Rodríguez (Mexique / Mexico)
  • Roar Hagen (Norvège / Norway), Verdens Gang
    Roar Hagen (Norvège / Norway), Verdens Gang
    Theresa May et Boris Johnson, ancien secrétaire d'État des affaires étrangères et du Commonwealth. / Theresa May and Boris Johnson, former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.
  • Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands)
    Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands)
    "Accord pour le Brexit" "Conservateurs"
  • Morten Morland (Royaume-Uni / UK), The Spectator
    Morten Morland (Royaume-Uni / UK), The Spectator
  • Vadot (Belgique / Belgium), L’Écho
    Vadot (Belgique / Belgium), L’Écho
    "And say they were tired of being part of a union..."

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