Editorial of Thursday, 20th May 2022

Finland and Sweden want to join NATO

A historic moment, undeniably provoked by the war in Ukraine: Finland (a country bordering Russia) and Sweden, until then attached to their neutrality and military non-alignment, submitted their application to join the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) on Wednesday 18 May. Sweden and Finland must now wait between four months and a year before joining NATO. For this to happen, Turkey, a member since 1952, is threatening to veto the application on the grounds that the two countries are too complacent towards the “terrorists” of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, in the words of President Erdogan.
The fact remains that the Russian president, who demanded an end to NATO enlargement (described not so long ago as “brain dead” by the French president), has only strengthened the Alliance.

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  • Osama Hajjaj (Jordanie / Jordan)
    Osama Hajjaj (Jordanie / Jordan)
  • Hall (États-Unis / USA)
    Hall (États-Unis / USA)
  • Uri Fink (Israël), Maariv Daily
    Uri Fink (Israël), Maariv Daily
  • Debuhme (Suisse / Switzerland), Vigousse
    Debuhme (Suisse / Switzerland), Vigousse
    "Russia and the spectre of NATO on its doorstep" - "NATO"
  • Chaunu (France)
    Chaunu (France)
    "NATO" - "it's urgent!" - "Finland" - "Sweden"
  • Stellina (Taiwan)
    Stellina (Taiwan)
  • Danziger (États-Unis / USA), The Rutland Herald
    Danziger (États-Unis / USA), The Rutland Herald
    "Suède" - "Poutine nous envoie" - "OTAN" - "Membres seulement" - "Finlande"
  • Maarten Wolterink (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands)
    Maarten Wolterink (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands)
  • Carrilho (Portugal), Diário de Notícias
    Carrilho (Portugal), Diário de Notícias
    "La Suède et la Finlande veulent rejoindre l'OTAN"
  • Herrmann (Suisse / Switzerland)
    Herrmann (Suisse / Switzerland)
    "Sweden wants to join NATO" - "Do you think NATO will get the Nobel Peace Prize?!!!" - "Ukraine did win the Eurovision!"

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