Editorial of september, 19 2019

21 September: International Day of Peace

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, on 21 September, Cartooning for Peace and the City of Strasbourg are pleased to present the exhibition “Human Rights: When is it for?” at the Terrace of the Palais Rohan in Strasbourg, until 8 November 2019.

The exhibition reminds us of the relevance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in a context where its values and principles are now seriously threatened. Yet it is these same values and principles that build and guarantee lasting peace…

More information: https://www.cartooningforpeace.org/evenements/exposition-les-droits-de-lhomme-cest-pour-quand/

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  • Hani Abbas (Palestine-Syrie / Palestine-Syria)
    Hani Abbas (Palestine-Syrie / Palestine-Syria)
  • Boligán (Mexique / Mexico)
    Boligán (Mexique / Mexico)
  • Cost. (Belgique / Belgium)
    Cost. (Belgique / Belgium)
    droit de l'homme - gauche de l'homme
  • Cristina (Portugal)
    Cristina (Portugal)
  • Darío (Mexique / Mexico)
    Darío (Mexique / Mexico)
  • Gargalo (Portugal)
    Gargalo (Portugal)
  • Xia (Chine / China)
    Xia (Chine / China)
  • Mana Neyestani (Iran)
    Mana Neyestani (Iran)
    liberté - démocratie - droits de l'homme - femme = homme - liberté
  • Willis from Tunis (Tunisie / Tunisia)
    Willis from Tunis (Tunisie / Tunisia)
    Women can finally drive in Saudi Arabia.... - Open it! Quickly! - boundary
  • Vadot (Belgique / Belgium)
    Vadot (Belgique / Belgium)
    So, Kofi, how is it down there? - If you only knew Madiba....

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