Editorial of jeudi 12 septembre

John Bolton: The Falcon has flown away

John Bolton, the United States National Security Advisor, was dismissed by President Donald Trump on September 11. Trump remained true to himself by firing him through tweeting, as he already did for his former advisors, while Bolton claims to have resigned…. Who to believe?

This event follows many disagreements on sensitive issues such as Iran and North Korea. Donald Trump recently raised possible talks with Tehran, while Bolton has always been “strongly opposed” to this initiative.

The Bolton “falcon” is added to the long list of advisors dismissed by the American president since he came to power. Who will be next…?

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  • Daryl Cagle (Etats-Unis / USA)
    Daryl Cagle (Etats-Unis / USA)
    Je n'ai pas été viré. - J'ai démissionné.
  • O-Sekoer (Belgique / Belgium)
    O-Sekoer (Belgique / Belgium)
  • Maarten Wolterink (Pays-Bas / Netherlands)
    Maarten Wolterink (Pays-Bas / Netherlands)
  • Tjeerd Royaards (Pays-Bas / Netherlands)
    Tjeerd Royaards (Pays-Bas / Netherlands)
    Il m'a viré - Guerre - Pestilence - Mort - Famine
  • Pek (Australie / Australia)
    Pek (Australie / Australia)
  • Côté (Canada)
    Côté (Canada)
    Trump introduces its two best advisors
  • Plantu (France), Le Monde
    Plantu (France), Le Monde
    Donald Trump fires John Bolton - Fortunately, I still have my advisors!
  • Sherif Arafa (Egypte / Egypt)
    Sherif Arafa (Egypte / Egypt)
    Tu es viré !
  • Kroll (Belgique / Belgium)
    Kroll (Belgique / Belgium)
    Here, how long have you been here? - 2016 Mr. Chairman - And I haven't fired you yet?!
  • Becs (Argentine / Argentina)
    Becs (Argentine / Argentina)
    Bienvenue à la maison Bolton - S'il te plait coupe mon steak

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