Editorial of December, 4th 2020

France: a “security” law that goes awry

For several weeks now, France has been in the grip of intense tension following the “global security” bill proposed by the presidential majority and supported by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin.
In particular, Article 24 – which provides for the sanctioning of the dissemination of images of police officers with the intention of harming their physical and psychological integrity – is highly criticized. All the media, human rights defenders, and many citizens mobilized to denounce a liberticidal article in that it impedes the freedom to inform and promotes a sense of impunity for police officers.
After the muscular evacuation of migrants by the forces of law and order on the Place de la République in Paris on November 23rd, and the intolerable beating by police officers of producer Michel Zecler in his recording studio, the political crisis reached its climax, forcing Parliament to revise its copy.
“Incompatible with human rights,” said five UN rapporteurs on December 3, who are calling on France to reconsider its bill. Embarrassing for the “fatherland of human rights”, indeed…

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  • Rodríguez (Mexique / Mexico)
    Rodríguez (Mexique / Mexico)
    "freedom, equality and above all... fraternity"
  • Kroll (Belgique / Belgium), Le Soir
    Kroll (Belgique / Belgium), Le Soir
    "So this we can - you're being filmed - No to the global security law - Macron no - ...this we can't - Smile you're being filmed"
  • Mykaïa (France)
    Mykaïa (France)
    "Pedestrian cameras for the police - Do you want a travelling in the mouth or a counter-dive in the balls?"
  • Delambre (France), Le Canard Enchaîné
    Delambre (France), Le Canard Enchaîné
    "Cliquez et récupérez"
  • Charmag (France)
    Charmag (France)
    "Reopening of shops - It's to film the Police"
  • Z (Tunisie / Tunisia)
    Z (Tunisie / Tunisia)
    "The representation of the sacred in France"
  • Kak (France), L’Opinion
    Kak (France), L’Opinion
    "It's normal for a party to have internal currents - obviously. - Global Security Law"
  • Lasserpe (France)
    Lasserpe (France)
    "Police training: Things are going to change - Only then can you start beating him up"
  • Vadot (Belgique / belgium), Le Vif
    Vadot (Belgique / belgium), Le Vif
    "France: towards a better training of police officers - What do you see? - A: a human being - B: a dirty nigger - C: a polygamous terrorist - D: a child eater - There is only one answer?"
  • Jiho (France), Marianne
    Jiho (France), Marianne
    "Let's learn to recognize them - Professional - Volunteer"

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