Editorial of June 22nd, 2018

Welcoming Refugees in the Name of Human Rights

In a world where “one in every 113 people have been forced to flee their homes because of war or persecution“, and while we are facing the inexorable and growing phenomenon of refugees who, let us not forget, flee their country to survive, this World Refugee Day (20 June) takes a particularly symbolic turn this year.

On 17 June, the 629 people saved by the Aquarius, the vessel of the association SOS-Mediterranee, finally arrived at the port of Valencia. After Italy and Malta’s refusals and France’s silence, Spain agreed to welcome the migrants and put an end to their painful maritime odyssey. It has once again shown the division that exists within the European Union on the issue of welcoming the refugees.

This week, the United States was once again confronted with the harsh migration policy of its President. The “zero tolerance” policy advocated by Donald Trump plunged into absolute distress 2,342 immigrant children who were separated from their parents. The images shot in the detention centres where they were placed caused a great stir. Initially, Trump said that the Congress was the only one that could resolve this situation. But many voices have risen to denounce this injustice and it finally led the American president to sign a decree on Wednesday, June 20, which allows the children to stay with their parents. However, families will remain locked up until a judge reviews their cases.

This was the proof that citizen mobilization can reverse the trend and influence inhuman policies, even if the road is still long…

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  • Marco De Angelis (Italie / Italy)
    Marco De Angelis (Italie / Italy)
  • Ivailo Tsvetkov (Bulgarie / Bulgaria)
    Ivailo Tsvetkov (Bulgarie / Bulgaria)
  • Bénédicte (Suisse / Switzerland), 24 heures
    Bénédicte (Suisse / Switzerland), 24 heures
    "Spain" "Dublin Agreements" "Italy" "Sinking"
  • Cost. (Belgique / Belgium)
    Cost. (Belgique / Belgium)
  • Kroll (Belgique / Belgium), Le Soir
    Kroll (Belgique / Belgium), Le Soir
    People in the castle: "Let's close the ports." "Let's close the borders." "Let's shot them." "Let's welcome them." "Let's drown them." "Let's push them back." "Let's send them back." "Let's help them." "Let's send them to a camp." "Let's expel the Romani people." People on the boat: "That's it, we are arriving."
  • Boligán (Mexique / Mexico), El Universal
    Boligán (Mexique / Mexico), El Universal
  • Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), De Groene Amsterdammer
    Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), De Groene Amsterdammer
    "Accueil des réfugiés" "États-Unis" "Union européenne"
  • Darío (Mexique / Mexico), El Imparcial
    Darío (Mexique / Mexico), El Imparcial
  • Chappatte (Suisse / Switzerland), The New York Times
    Chappatte (Suisse / Switzerland), The New York Times
    "Enfants" "Parents" "Ours en peluche"
  • Morin (États-Unis / USA)
    Morin (États-Unis / USA)
    "... Nous ressentons ta douleur."
  • Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
    Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
    "Trump fait marche arrière sur la séparation des familles" "D'accord, d'accord... j'autorise la détention indéfinie des familles des migrants pour qu'elles restent ensemble !!!"
  • Paresh (Inde / India), The Khaleej Times
    Paresh (Inde / India), The Khaleej Times
    "Crise des réfugiés" ONU: "Nous devons trouver des solutions globales et constructives..."

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