Editorial of Friday, 23rd July 2021

Tokyo Olympic Games: Further, higher, stronger than… the covid-19?

This Friday, July 23rd opens finally, in Tokyo (Japan), the 32nd edition of the Olympic Games.

Cancelled last year because of Covid-19, they will however have to take place in new conditions with the arrival of a 4th wave and a worrying increase of contaminations: behind closed doors and under state of emergency.

The sanitary bubble set up around the athletes and journalists has already been cracked: several athletes have tested positive for Covid-19 and will not be able to compete. The Japanese public and sponsors are sorry about the situation and almost deplore the continuation of what is now called “the pandemic games”.

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    Kal (Etats-Unis / USA), The Economist
    "C'est une menace sérieuse dans l'épreuve du super-épandage... - Entraînement pour les Jeux Olympiques de Tokyo"
  • Paresh (Inde / India), The Khaleej Times
    Paresh (Inde / India), The Khaleej Times
    "Lutte de Sumo - Japon"
  • Million (France)
    Million (France)
    "Olympic Games and Covid.. Let's go ! - Let's go! It is good! Pass!..."
  • Amorim (Brésil / Brazil)
    Amorim (Brésil / Brazil)
    "Jeux Olympiques 2021"

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