Editorial of Thursday, 02nd december 2021

Tragedy in La Manche

November 24, 2021: at least 27 people (mostly Kurds from Iraq and Iran) lost their lives in the English Channel while trying to reach the British coast on a makeshift boat. Among them, 7 women and 3 children. Shock and amazement, once again…
Since then, the torch has been burning between London and Paris, who have been passing the buck and accusing each other of not doing enough to prevent these tragedies.
NGOs and associations are mobilizing to denounce an inhumane situation and Pope Francis, on a trip to Cyprus this week, made this crisis the central topic of his visit.
How many tragedies will it take for Europe to finally live up to its humanist ideals?

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  • Emad Hajjaj (Jordanie / Jordan), Alaraby Aljadeed
    Emad Hajjaj (Jordanie / Jordan), Alaraby Aljadeed
  • Dilem (Algérie / Algeria)
    Dilem (Algérie / Algeria)
    "The issue of migrants resurfaces"
  • Adene (France), Le Monde
    Adene (France), Le Monde
    "to us!" - "No! To us!" - "to you!" - "No! To you!"
  • Rodrigo (Portugal)
    Rodrigo (Portugal)
  • Plop&KanKr (France)
    Plop&KanKr (France)
    "Those damn French build a bridge..."
  • Xavier Gorce (France)
    Xavier Gorce (France)
    "You are putting us in a very uncomfortable moral position!"
  • Cambon (France)
    Cambon (France)
    "Maybe we are disturbing?"
  • Marto (Burkina Faso)
    Marto (Burkina Faso)
  • Ramsés (Cuba), Le Temps
    Ramsés (Cuba), Le Temps
  • Mykaïa (France)
    Mykaïa (France)
    "Pope calls for a more equitable distribution of migrants" - "We wish he had taught us to walk on water like Jesus!"

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