Cartooning for Peace / Travelling exhibition “Draw me Gender Equality”

Travelling exhibition “Draw me Gender Equality”

Travelling exhibition – middle and high school


“Draw me Gender Equality” is an educational exhibition created in 2022 by Cartooning for Peace and available from 2023 to education professionals.

Illustrated with press cartoons from all over the world, this exhibition retraces, with humour and commitment, the journey of a lifetime: from birth to old age, it addresses the challenges and persistent problems of gender inequality and shows the long struggle of women for equal rights.

Accompanied by an educational booklet, the exhibition is composed of 1 introductory panel followed by 11 thematic panels:

  • Good in its gender
  • Education for all!
  • Your body, your choices, your rights!
  • A job for your gender?
  • (Un)Equal pay
  • Religions, traditions and freedoms
  • Stop harassment!
  • Stop domestic violence!
  • Sexism on all levels!
  • Suffering to stay young
  • Equality: the fight continues!

Ghada Hatem, gynaecologist-obstetrician, founder of the Maison des Femmes de Saint-Denis, is the editor of the exhibition texts.


Discover the exhibition (in French) on Calaméo here.

Discover the educational booklet (in French) on Calaméo here.


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