Cartooning for Peace / 30th edition of the School’s Press and Media Week in France

30th edition of the School’s Press and Media Week in France


18/03/2019 - 23/03/2019

Every spring, more than 220,000 teachers of all levels and disciplines participate in the School’s Press and Media Week each year. Its objective is to help students, from kindergarten to high school, to understand the media system, to form their critical judgment, to develop their taste for current events and to forge their identity as citizens.

This year, the theme “Information without borders” will provide an opportunity to discuss with students, on school and out-of-school time, the practices and challenges of information in the digital age. Now plural, the information comes at any moment, from all horizons, produced by all kinds of actors. It extends the questioning around new ways of disseminating, circulating and sharing information.

The poster is made from a cartoon of Boligán (Mexico), member of Cartooning for Peace.

To launch this event, Cartooning for Peace presents the exhibition “Decoding the Stars” on March 11 at UNESCO Headquarters and concentrates its interventions in schools and prisons:

  • Workshop by Z (Tunisia) at the Marie Curie High School in Nogent sur Oise (18/03)
  • Workshop by Xavier Gorce (France) at the Health Department (19/03)
  • Workshop by Z at the Jean Jaures Foundation at the Jacques Prévert College in Bourg sur Gironde (19/03)
  • Workshop by Z in Prison de la Santé (19/03)
  • Workshop by Wiglaf at the Epinal Prison (18 and 19 / 03)
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