Cartooning for Peace / Workshops with Internews in Ivory Coast

Workshops with Internews in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast
21/08/2020 - 22/08/2020

After holding workshops in Abobo to raise awareness of the dangers of fake news and online hate speech, mainly during the election period, Cartooning for Peace, Tache d’Encre and Internews continue their partnership supported by NDI.

In Jacqueville on 21 and 22 August 2020, Tache d’Encre and Internews teams meet with representatives of community radio stations, partners of Internews, for a two-day exchange on conflict-sensitive journalism issues. Representatives from :

  • 3 Radio from Abidjan (Radio Yopougon, Radio Arc en ciel de Yopougon, Radio Anyama)
  • 4 Center Radio  (Radio La Voix des Lac de Yamoussoukro, Radio Médias Plus de Bouake, Radio Saphir de Bouake, Radio Oualebo Sakassou)
  • 4 North Radio  (Radio M’Bengue, Radio Bikandi de Tengrela, Radio Satellite Fm Korhogo, Radio de 2 Frontière de Ouangolodougou)
  • 4  West Radio (Radio La Voix du Guemon in Duekuoé, Radio Cohésion FM in Bloléquin, Radio Regional du Cavally in Guiglo and Radio Man)
  • the Police Secours Facebook group 

These exchanges will be encouraged by the use of press cartoons as a vehicle for debate and will be used by the cartoonists to produce a series of 15 original drawings that will illustrate a charter for conflict-sensitive journalism.

The partnership with Internews participates in the efforts of several actors to promote democracy and peaceful elections in Côte d’Ivoire and is fully integrated in the implementation of the EU-funded project “Cartoons & Citizenship: cartooning for democracy and peaceful elections“.


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