Cartooning for Peace / Cartoons and citizenship – Ivory Coast (2020-2021)

Cartoons and citizenship – Ivory Coast (2020-2021)




Cartoons and citizenship: Cartooning for Democracy and Peaceful Elections

This two-year project supported by the European Union in Côte d’Ivoire will place press cartoons at the heart of an approach aimed at promoting freedom of expression and strengthening democratic culture while combating hate speech and disinformation in the Ivorian electoral context.

The project is a long-term project aimed primarily at the Ivorian youth, tomorrow’s citizens through civic education, media and information literacy, in the perspective of the forthcoming elections but also to make them ambassadors of a democratic culture to the whole of Ivorian society.

Relying on a proven methodology, the partners will develop pedagogical and awareness-raising tools that will be circulated in the country’s schools and will organize civic education and media and information literacy meetings between press cartoonists and pupils. These meetings will be an opportunity to interact with young people and learn about their aspirations, to advocate for a culture of peaceful debate, but also to develop their critical thinking skills in order to combat hate speech and misinformation. These exchanges will then feed into the content of a national awareness-raising campaign aimed at the general public for peaceful elections to be deployed in the context of the 2020 presidential elections and beyond.

By meeting with press cartoonists, learning how to read the content that the cartoon conveys and the dissemination process, the project has the cross-cutting objective of strengthening confidence in the media and promoting freedom of expression.

The partnership with Internews participates in the efforts of actors to promote democracy and peaceful elections in Ivory Coast and is fully integrated in the implementation of the project.

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