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Alert Jordan – Emad Hajjaj

Update, August 31, 2020

Emad Hajjaj was released on bail on Sunday 30 August, but remains suspended to the Supreme Court’s decision.

The latter must determine the competent court to judge his case after the State Security Court has dismissed the case.
As a reminder, Emad Hajjaj was arrested on 26 August following a police control on his way back to Amman from a family outing.
Deprived of his liberty and presented the next morning to the General Prosecutor of Amman, he learned hours later that he was being tried for violation of the Law on Cybercrime for the realization of the below cartoon. He will also be questioned about two other cartoons published earlier in 2020. He was charged with libel and slander.
Considering his juridiction incompetent to judge the case, the Public Prosecutor forwarded Emad’s case to the State Security Court where he was accused of violating the provisions of Article 3 / B of the Law on the Prevention of Terrorism and Article 15 of the Law on Cybercrime (3 times for each of the incriminated cartoons). The penalty envisaged is 3 to 20 years of hard labour.
Transferred to Balqa prison to serve a 14-day provisional sentence, he was finally heard on Sunday 30 August, after his lawyer, Mr. Marwan Salem, submitted a request for his release. At the end of the hearing, the court announced that it was not competent to judge the case, releasing the cartoonist on bail until the Supreme Court decides on the competent jurisdiction.
Cartooning for Peace is once again delighted to see the cartoonist free, with his family, as well as the great solidarity of the community of cartoonists, the media, and international organisations defending press freedom and human rights around the world.
The association remains fully committed to its member cartoonist and reiterates its request for the lifting of all charges against the cartoonist. 

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