Cartooning for Peace / Launch of the online mini-courses for the “Covid in Cartoons” project

Launch of the online mini-courses for the “Covid in Cartoons” project

Newham College
United Kingdom

On 19 and 26 May, students from Student Parliament Newham College (London) attended the first two online sessions held on the Shout Out UK platform and created in partnership with the University of Leicester and Cartooning for Peace.

The project partners created a variety of teaching tools, such as video animations and interviews with international cartoonists, so that the students, aged 16-18, could learn about cartoon analysis and share their experiences of the global Covid-19 pandemic through this analysis.

The first mini-course served as an introduction to press cartoons, with students defining them and questioning the role of the cartoonist. In the second session, students applied their knowledge from the first mini-course to the analysis of Covid-19 related press cartoons to share their experience.

Cartooning for Peace and its partners would like to thank the press cartoonists and members of the network for their participation in this project, which allows the students to understand in a concrete way the usefulness and importance of press cartoons. At the next session on 9 June, Newham College students will have the chance to discuss and draw with Israeli cartoonist Uri Fink.

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