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Vision de l’étranger

From 17/06/2013 to 21/07/2013

Start with the suitcase.

Any cartoonist will tell you that. When you talk about foreigners, when you catch a plane, there is one basic image: the suitcase. Ah! Don’t forget to draw the little cardboard corners for the suitcase, as if to discover the four corners of the world. And with pencils, you can also build bridges in order to better understand the different visions of the foreigner.

This exhibition of the Cartooning for Peace cartoonists invites you to travel: look at the drawings, react and question the images. Then go ahead and scale the fences of the Ministry that is hosting us, and climb on the pictures. You’ll see: they are flying carpets. Cartooning for Peace warmly thanks the Ministry organizers who are welcoming these cartoonists from around the world.

A thought for these opinion images which seek to better understand the way others see things.

And a thought for a Ministry that doesn’t take itself seriously. You don’t see that every day!

And bon voyage!


Exhibition presented by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs from June, 17 to July, 21, in partnership with Cartooning for Peace and with the support of the Banque Transatlantique.

Have a look at the exhibition catalogue !

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Have a look at the exhibition catalogue !


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