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Release of the “Tough Laugh x Tough Law” series’ third episode on Boníl (Ecuador)

In the third (and final) episode of Tough Laugh x Tough Law – in French – we explore the story of Boníl, an Ecuadorian cartoonist who had to face justice in his country.








Podcast the third episode – in French – which looks back on Boníl (Ecuador) experience with the law:




As part of its project “Enhancing legal support to press cartoonists in the digital age”, supported by UNESCO’s GMDF and the Isocrates Foundation, Cartooning for Peace is joining forces with the “Tough Laugh” project.

Imagined and designed by Italian cartoonist Emanuele del Rosso (Cartooning for Peace member) and Federica Testi, the project tells the story of cartoonists in danger.
We all come across great editorial cartoons, reading a magazine, on social media, watching TV. But we seldom think about the author of the cartoon that made us laugh, or think, or even made us angry.
Many cartoonists face economic hardship, harassment, threats and even physical violence for the job they do. Some are killed. And they often are not considered equals to journalists.


More information on “Tough Laugh”


The episodes — each in a different language: English, Spanish, French — tackle the stories of criminalised editorial cartoonists, digging into the challenges that come with publishing cartoons, and how the law has been, and is, (mis)used to censor them. Hence, the name of this first special Tough Laugh season: “Tough Laugh, Tough Law”. Podcast them here.


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