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Cartooning in Africa: watch the symposium!

Forum des images

As part of the Cartooning in Africa operation, the symposium highlights the richness and topicality of press cartoons in Africa through 3 round tables at the Forum des images, on Friday 2 July :

  • Press cartoons in Africa: an educational tool for citizenship and information

The press cartoon is a formidable tool for citizenship, media and information education. In a single image, it informs, awakens critical thinking and provokes debate. Press cartoonists tell us how press cartoons contribute to democracy and the emancipation of the continent’s future generations.

With : Dlog (Tunisia), Mykaïa (Tunisia-France), Yas (Morocco-France), Willy Zekid (Republic of the Congo). Facilitator: Vladimir Vasak, journalist at Arte

  • Press cartoons in Africa: humour and images to deal with current affairs

While elsewhere it is experiencing a crisis, press cartoons seem to be experiencing a particular boom on the continent. It plays a major role in the social movements (Arab springs, democratic revolutions…) that mark the contemporary history of Africa. How and why does this journalism of humour and images manage to deal with current events that are often complex and sometimes tragic?

With Gado (Tanzania-Kenya), Alaa Satir (Sudan), Willis from Tunis (Tunisia), Zohoré (Ivory Coast). Facilitator: Raphaël Kahane, journalist at France 24


  • Press cartoons in Africa : challenges and prospects

Press cartoons are in a paradoxical situation on the continent: they are appreciated and flourish in the general or satirical press, and even online. But attacks on freedom of expression, financial difficulties, taboos and more recently COVID-19 are weakening the profession and generating (self)censorship among authors. What are the challenges and opportunities ahead?

With Yemi (Ethiopia), Gado (Tanzania- Kenya), Nime (Algeria), Willy Zekid (Republic of Congo). Facilitator: Pauline Adès-Mével, spokesperson for Reporters Without Borders (RSF)


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