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Cartooning for Peace, partner of Un Bout du Monde

In the name of shared values, Cartooning for Peace is pleased to support an unprecedented initiative in favor of the freedom and independence of the press and the media and, consequently, of democracy: Un Bout du Monde.

Created by the Société des lecteurs du journal Le Monde and the Société du Pôle d’indépendance du Groupe Le Monde, this new non-profit association of public utility has just been created. Among its objectives, as stated in its statutes :

  • the defense of media independence and the development of a free and pluralistic press in the European media space
  • the development of an independent press
  • Defending the principle of media governance and ownership that allows for independence and respect for pluralism and involves readers, editors and staff at the same time
  • the involvement of readers, who are the first guarantors of the independence of the work of journalists
  • the defense of the ethics and deontology of information, the editorial independence of the media with respect to their shareholders, advertisers, public, political, economic, ideological and religious authorities.

Through a press cartooning campaign, Cartooning for Peace is committed alongside Un Bout du Monde to defend these same principles and thus guarantee the importance, place and role of press cartoons in a free, plural, independent and quality press.

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