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Cartooning for Peace participates to the 2021 World Press Freedom Day

Debate, press cartoon campaign

As every year, Cartooning for Peace is pleased to take part in the World Press Freedom Day. The 2021 edition of the international conference, organized by UNESCO and the government of Namibia, is placed under the theme of “Information as a public good” and takes place from 29 April to 3 May in Windhoek (in situ and online).

In championing this notion, the World Press Freedom Day affirms the importance of defending information as a public good, wishes to explore what can be done in the production, distribution and reception of content to strengthen journalism and advance transparency and empowerment while leaving no one behind. The theme of the WPFD is of particular relevance to all countries of the world as it takes into account the evolution of a communications system that impacts on our health, human rights, democracies and sustainable development. In the context of this day, Cartooning for Peace proposes a debate and an online cartoon campaign:

Session “Cartooning for Media Information Literacy”

Thursday 29 April, 11:00 – 12:00 am (CET), online

The session will propose a reflective conversation about the role of press cartoons for Media and Information Literacy and the increasing misunderstanding they are subject to in the current ecosystem. Relying on the association’s educational methodology, it will remind that cartoons, due to their particular nature – a journalistic and artistic opinion relying on satire as a mean to inform, question and denounce in a few lines – tend to provoke a tension between emotion and rationality that invites the reader to apprehend the information in a different angle and in such, call for critical-thinking.

The participants are:

  • Yemi (Ethiopia), press cartoonist, member of Cartooning for Peace
  • Nicolas Vadot (Belgium), press cartoonist, member of Cartooning for Peace
  • Arnaud Froger, head of the Africa desk at Reporters Without Borders
  • Yumiko  Yokozeki, director of the UNESCO IICBA

Watch here in English:


Press cartoons campaign in partnership with UNESCO

As in previous years, Cartooning for Peace and UNESCO are offering a campaign of press cartoons from around the world to celebrate World Press Freedom Day. Entitled Cartooning for #WorldPressFreedomDay, it consists of 11 cartoons that celebrate press freedom.

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