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International Congress for Journalism & Information

From 08/11/2011 to 10/11/2011

After Lille and Strasbourg, Poitiers is hosting the three-day debates and workshops that gather every year all the actors of information and general public.

The question of “transparency” is the thread of the 2011 edition. Debates also focus on recent technological evolutions and the changes they induce in the making of information; on ethic, with a come-back on how journalists dealt with the numerous burning issues that emerged in the past few months, from Fukushima to Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s case. The Forum also questions French Presidential candidates about their commitment on the matters of press and freedom of speech.

An exhibition of editorial cartoons by Cartooning for Peace pays tribute to the Arab Revolutions and takes place during the event, from November, 8 to 10.

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