Cartooning for Peace / Cartooning for Peace and Democracy

Cartooning for Peace and Democracy


L’Andalou (Algeria), António (Portugal), Bado (Canada), Boligán (Mexico), Camdelafu (Venezuela), Chappatte (Switzerland), Dlog (Tunisia), Uri Fink (Israel), Ali Ghamir (Morocco), Glez (Burkina Faso), Xavier Gorce (France), Khalid Gueddar (Morocco), Izel (Turkey), Kak (France), Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine), Khalil (Palestine), Kichka (Israel), Lefrançois (France), Denis Lopatin (Russia), Pedro X. Molina (Nicaragua), Mykaïa (France), Nardi (Italy), Needall (Tunisia), Piet (France), Plantu (France), Rayma (Venezuela), Lars Refn (Denmark), Tjeerd Royaards (The Netherlands), Laurent Salles (France), Ann Telnaes (United Staes), Vadot (Belgium), Wiglaf (France), Yemsrach Yetneberk (Ethiopia), Z (Tunisie), Zlatkovsky (Russia), Willy Zekid (Republic of the Congo), Zohoré (Ivory Coast)


Editorial cartooning, the art of political incorrectness

In this «new world», broadly open and connected, press cartoonists (who are both journalists, artists and comedians) are shattered time after time! The «New YorkTimes affair» is a case study that crystallizes all the difficulties faced by the profession: the political-economic-religious censorship, sensitivities overwhelmed by the controversy over the social networks, the surrender of some press editorial offices when the strom comes up…. In that world surrounded by images, has art of satire and impertinence, which is at the heart of the press cartoon, became more difficult today than yesterday? This is a very serious matter! Don’t we want to «learn to laugh again», do we? To face the evils of our times and the fragility of our democracies with distance, intelligence and critical thinking? The press cartoonists can help us to deal with it. but… are we, readers, up to the challenge on freedom of expression?

With Ann Telnaes (United States), António (Portugal), Chappatte (Switzerland), Glez (Burkina Faso), Kichka (Israel), Plantu (France), Rayma (Venezuela) and Zlatkovsky (Russia). Moderator: Vladimir Vasak (Arte)

Thursday 7 November, 5:00 pm, hemicycle of the Council of Europe


Don’t shoot the press cartoonist! – Inventory and solutions for the support to press cartoonists

With all the press cartoonists of Cartooning for Peace

Terry Anderson, Executive Director – Cartoonists Rights Network International (CRNI)
Laura Bretea, Policy Officer, Democratic Governance – European Commission (DG DEVCO)
François Croquette, Ambassador for Human Rights, French Republic
Xavier Gorce, Editorial cartoonist (France)
Ricardo Gutiérrez, Secretary General – European Federation of Journalists (EFJ)
Pedro X. Molina, Editorial cartoonist (Nicaragua)

Moderation: Patrick Chappatte, editorial cartoonist and Vice-President of the Cartooning for Peace Foundation and Sylvain Platevoet, Programme and international development manager, Cartooning for Peace.

Wednesday 6 November, 9:00 am – 12:45pm, room 10, Council of Europe

Live streaming:

Replay (available on Friday – 11/8 – afternoon):

The press cartoon in the service of Media and Information Literacy and Global citizenship education in the world

With all the press cartoonists of Cartooning for Peace

Myriam Darmoni Charbit, Director of Civic Education and Shared Society, Centre for Educational Technology (CET, Israel)
Anne Kaboré, Head of the Debates/Training/Publications Unit – EDUCASOL
Mykaïa, Press cartoonist (France), member of the Cartooning for Peace network

Moderation: Jérôme Bouvier, President of the Journalism and Citizenship Association

Wednesday 6 November, 2:00 pm – 5:00pm, room 10 Council of Europe


Freedom of expression and protection of journalists

With Plantu (France), Founder and Honorary President of Cartooning for Peace, and Pedro X. Molina (Nicaragua)

Friday 8 November, 9:00 am – 10 :30 am, hemicycle of the Council of Europe


Press cartoonists in action (collective mural)!

The opening will be in the presence of Dunja Mijatovic, Human Rights Commissionner of the Council of Europe at 6:30pm.

Wednesday 6 November, 5 :00 pm – 6:30pm, entrance of the hemicycle of the Council of Europe

The press cartoonists will live draw all the debates and sessions during the World Forum for Democracy


Human Rights, still some way to go?

Terrasse du Palais Rohan, until the 8th of November
November 6-8, Entrance hall of the Council of Europe

Press cartoon : a state of affairs

November 8 – December 20, Grand Est Region Headquarters. Opening on 8 November at 6:00 pm in presence of Plantu (France) and all the press cartoonists of Cartooning for Peace

Cartooning for Peace

November 6 – 8, Bas-Rhin Department Hall

Cartooning for Peace and Democracy

Extracts of the exhibitions displayed in the 9 countries of the programme “Cartooning for Peace and Democracy”
November 6-8, Council of Europe


Educational workshops

With Laurent Salles (France) and Willy Zekid (Republic of the Congo)

Thursday 7 November, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm and 1:30pm – 3:00 pm, Council of Europe

Educational conference

With Kichka (Israel), Nardi (Italy) et Willy Zekid (Republic of the Congo) and Plantu (France)

Friday 8 November, 1:30pm – 3:00 pm, Department Hall of Bas-Rhin (only for students)


With all the press cartoonists and youths

Friday 8 November, 8 :00 pm, Region Headquarters (for students only)

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