Cartooning for Peace / Dismissal of press cartoonists

Dismissal of press cartoonists

Past alert
26 September 2020
On 18 September, The newspaper Sud-Ouest decided to end its 13-year collaboration with cartoonist Marc Large. Faced with this sudden and surprising decision, the cartoonist has received the support of many members of the profession and the National Union of Journalists (SNJ) which informs that “the journalist with a press card since July 2016 and paid freelance, was dismissed overnight, without notice, without any interview prior to dismissal and without compensation”. A decision whose final outcome will be settled in court.
This sad news comes on top of the long list of dismissals of press cartoonists for various reasons in Europe and around the world in recent years. Earlier this year Cartooning For Peace and its partners drew attention to the precariousness of a profession that the current health crisis is likely to further exacerbate.
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