Cartooning for Peace / Press cartoons: a state of affairs

Press cartoons: a state of affairs

By their very nature of satire and irony, press cartoons evoke many questions: in the name of freedom of expression, shall we tolerate anything and everything? Is it possible to laugh about everything, with everyone? How can we combine freedom, responsibility and tolerance? Inciting a smile, conveying a message, and making people think, the press cartoon is an undeniable tool for dialogue and tolerance.

This is all the work of awareness and education that Cartooning for Peace has been leading for 10 years.  Press cartoons: a state of affairs was an international symposium organized by Cartooning for Peace the 21st of September 2015, on the initiative of the philosopher Regis Debray and French cartoonist Plantu. It has gathered cartoonists from of all over the world, but also eminent personalities from the political, the intellectual, the academic and the theological world.

This book brings together the greatest interventions from this entire symposium. It covers many different topics, from cartoons’ history to nowadays issues, such as Internet and secularism.

Available in French bookstores from September 2016.