Cartooning for Peace / [COVID IN CARTOONS] Tail slate


The “Covid in Cartoons” program conducted with the University of Leicester and the NGO Shout Out UK ended on July 3.

After a meeting between partners to assess the results of the year-long program at the Cartoon Museum (London), we look back at this educational project that allowed young people to express themselves after the pandemic.

22 press cartoonists from 15 different countries took part in the different sessions and exchanged with the young people:

  • Marie Morelle (France)
  • Tayo (Nigeria)
  • Cam de la Fu (Venzuela/Mexico)
  • Zach (Philippines)
  • Piet (France)
  • Osama Hajjaj (Jordan)
  • Willis from Tunis (Tunisia)
  • Vadot (Belgium)
  • Gado (Tanzania Kenya)
  • Adene (France)
  • Lars Refn(Denmark)
  • Mr T. (France)
  • Bado (Canada)
  • Rapé (Mexico)
  • Stellina (Taiwan)
  • Zapiro (South Africa)
  • Lectrr (Belgium)
  • Landschultz (Germany)

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