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Macron and Trump: the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship?

On Monday April 23, the French President Emmanuel Macron began his first official state visit to the United States with his wife Brigitte Macron. A three-day stay during which, he shared the media scene with Donald Trump, his American counterpart. The media followed closely this “bromance” between the two presidents: handshakes, hugs, compliments… A friendship that Trump wanted to put forward.

However, it is well known that on some sensitive matters, the two heads of state have totally different approaches, including the Iran nuclear deal, the steel tariffs for the European Union and the climate change. Thus, in his speech of Wednesday 25 of April at the Congress, Macron did not forget to criticize “the isolationism, withdrawal and nationalism” of the Trump administration and highlight “a strong multilateralism“.

On the thorny issue about the Iran nuclear deal, Trump will announce on May 12 if his country withdraws or not. We will see if Macron have convinced him.

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