Editorial of May 16, 2019

Two new titles in the Cartooning for Peace collection

Thursday, May 16: in all French bookstores, find the two new titles from our Cartooning for Peace collection, published by Gallimard, which now includes 12 books!

Dans la jungle de l’info (In the jungle of information): an overview of the media and information today. In an era of fake news, information piracy, the influence of social networks, conspiracy theories, and the preponderance of marketing over editorials, Christophe Deloire (Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders) reiterates the urgent need to preserve free, independent, reliable, verified and plural information.

Il va y avoir du sport ! (Let’s go for some sports!): a drawn overview of the sports planet. Sport is a unifying element, a vector of social cohesion and living together. While major events are capable of bringing citizens and nations together, the sports world is regularly marred by various scandals: doping, racism, corruption, etc. But are the shortcomings of sport still sport?, asks committed french footballer Vikash Dhorasoo.

To see our previous weekly editorials on international news, take a look here!

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  • Dans la jungle de l’info
    Dans la jungle de l’info
  • ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ (Mexique / Mexico)
    ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ (Mexique / Mexico)
  • DARIO (Mexique / Mexico)
    DARIO (Mexique / Mexico)
    "Insécurité - impunité" "Insecurity - impunity"
  • JOEP BERTRAMS (Pays-Bas / Netherlands)
    JOEP BERTRAMS (Pays-Bas / Netherlands)
    "Presse libre"
  • PAYAM (Iran)
    PAYAM (Iran)
  • RAYMA (Venezuela)
    RAYMA (Venezuela)
    "Journalisme en démocratie - journalisme en dictature" "Journalism in a democracy - journalism in a dictatorship"
  • Il va y avoir du sport!
    Il va y avoir du sport!
  • HALL (Etats-Unis / USA)
    HALL (Etats-Unis / USA)
  • KARL (Belgique / Belgium)
    KARL (Belgique / Belgium)
  • MAURO BIANI (Italie / Italia)
    MAURO BIANI (Italie / Italia)
  • BONIL (Equateur / Ecuador)
    BONIL (Equateur / Ecuador)
  • CRISTINA (Portugal)
    CRISTINA (Portugal)

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