Editorial of April 19, 2019

Notre-Dame, like the phoenix…

The terrible fire that broke out in Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral on the evening of Monday, April 15, destroyed the vault, spire, frame and roof of the 12th century. The whole world witnessed live the battle that the 400 mobilized firefighters fought with courage against the fire. Thanks to them, the treasures of the cathedral were saved and the fire was under control before 10 pm. Among the possible leads on the origin of the fire, investigators favour the electrical origin.

The next day, a huge outpouring of solidarity in France and abroad was born and donations began to flow in. In a few hours, 800 million euros were raised. This sum was quickly reached thanks to donations from private and wealthy groups, which revived the debate on the tax exemption of donations.

The future will tell whether the vast reconstruction of the cathedral can be completed in the record time of five years, as announced by President Emmanuel Macron. One thing is certain, Notre-Dame will rise from the ashes…

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  • Darío (Mexique / Mexico), El Imparcial
    Darío (Mexique / Mexico), El Imparcial
  • Xia (Chine / China)
    Xia (Chine / China)
  • Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine)
    Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine)
  • Kichka (Israël / Israel)
    Kichka (Israël / Israel)
  • Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), De Groene Amsterdammer
    Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), De Groene Amsterdammer
    "Bordel de merde"
  • Vadot (Belgique / Belgium), L’Écho
    Vadot (Belgique / Belgium), L’Écho
    Référence à Victor Hugo et à son roman "Notre-Dame de Paris", publié en 1831. / Reference to Victor Hugo and his novel "Notre-Dame de Paris", published in 1831.
  • Elkin (Russie / Russia), DW
    Elkin (Russie / Russia), DW
    "We will restore it!"
  • Tjeerd Royaards (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), Cartoon Movement
    Tjeerd Royaards (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), Cartoon Movement
  • Jiho (France), Marianne
    Jiho (France), Marianne
    "Already a restoration project thanks to donations."
  • Hall (États-Unis / USA)
    Hall (États-Unis / USA)

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