Cartooning for Peace / Press cartoonist Musa Kart returns to prison 

Press cartoonist Musa Kart returns to prison 

Paris, April 25  

Alert Turkey: press cartoonist Musa Kart returns to prison 

It is with great anger and sadness that Cartooning for Peace has just learned that Turkish cartoonist Musa Kart, and some of his former colleagues from the newspaper Cumhuriyet, are on their way to Kandira prison to serve their sentences. They surrendered to the police earlier in the day to avoid being taken by force.

Cartoonist Musa Kart was sentenced on appeal to a prison term of one year and sixteen days for association with a terrorist group.

Cartooning for Peace strongly denounces this decision and reaffirms its unfailing support for Musa Kart, his family and colleagues.

Cartooning for Peace invites every associations for the defense of journalism and Human Rights to join the solidarity movement to free Musa Kart and his colleagues.

Musa Kart, laureate of 2018 International Press Cartoon prize of Cartooning for Peace’s foundation 

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Download the press release: 2019-04-25-PR Musa Kart in prison