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Young people aged 15-29 represent 30% of Palestinian society and all children and young people under 29 represent more than 50% of the population (UNFPA 2017). The majority take a disenchanted look at the social and political environment in which they live and wish to be heard. But if the young citizens of tomorrow have quality access to education and economic opportunities, if they participate in public life and see themselves as productive and valuable members of society, their potential could lead to growth. Through this exhibition and the workshop meetings, the project partners hope to provide a respectful and constructive forum for discussion that will contribute to the development of young people, so that they become committed actors for the future of Palestine.

Our partners

The TAMER Institute for Community Education (TAMER) is a non-governmental, non-profit educational organization established in 1989 as a natural and necessary response to the urgent needs of the Palestinian community during the first intifada (uprising). The most important of these is the need to help people learn and become productive. Focusing primarily on education rights, identity, freedom of expression and access to information, TAMER works in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, targeting primarily children and young adults to encourage and deepen learning opportunities. Their program aims to contribute to the improvement of reading, writing and all forms of expression in children and young adults. It also aims to contribute to a Palestinian environment conducive to learning processes and to support literary and educational production related to education in Palestine.

Our joint actions

Cartooning for Peace and TAMER are associated around the “Cartooning for Peace and Democracy” programme in Palestine, which offers young people a reflection through images and smiles on the major challenges facing Palestinian youth.

Initiated by Cartooning for Peace and supported by the European Union, “Cartooning for Peace and Democracy” is being carried out with the TAMER Institute for Community Education. It allows the circulation of an exhibition reflecting the challenges and aspirations of Palestinian youth in Palestinian schools and libraries, a mediation work around the exhibition, and the organization of meetings between Palestinian press cartoonists and youth. Young people will thus be able to exchange and work around different thematic panels such as freedom of expression, education, the role of social networks, or the place of women in society.

These workshops will be led by Palestinian cartoonists: Khalil Abu Arafeh (Khalil), Ramzy Taweel, Mohamed Sabaaneh, Osama Nazzal, Suhaib Mansour. They will feed the reflection and critical spirit of young people, while discovering the profession of press cartoonist, and exchange about current topics addressed in the panels of the exhibition.


Discover the exhibition “Cartooning for Peace and Democracy” (in Arabic and English):  Here



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