Editorial of April 21, 2017

Referendum in Turkey: a narrow and contested victory

On Sunday April 16th, the constitutional reform which aims to strengthen the Turkish president powers was barely approved by referendum (51.41% for the “yes” against 48.59% for the “no”). This narrow victory has been contested by the opposition and many European observers claim for an investigation, which has been immediately rejected by the all-powerfull president Erdogan. The reforme of the constitution plans the broadening of the President’s Executive powers, giving him the possibility to govern by decrees and to intervene directly into the legislative and judiciary fields.

Since the failed coup of July 2016, authoritarian repression ordered by so-called “Sultan” continues to worry and undermine democracy and freedom of expression in Turkey.

The European Union (EU) fears a degradation of the relationship with its Turkish neighbor. Erdogan plans to restore death penalty and to summon a new referendum on the pursuit (or not) of the EU membership negotiations.

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  • Khalid Gueddar (Maroc /Morocco)
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    Wurster (Allemagne / Germany)
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