Editorial of September 15, 2017

The painful exodus of the Rohingyas

Since a 1982 law removed their Burmese citizenship, the Rohingyas, a Muslim minority in Myanmar, constitute the largest stateless community in the world. In the past, they have already been forced into exile whenever the violence against them has broken out.

On August 25, when the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) rebels attacked the border crossings, the Burmese army did not hesitate to retaliate by firing directly at the Rohingya population. At the latest count, 370,000 Rohingyas had chosen to go into exile to Bangladesh.

The international community, which had previously remained passive regarding the Rohingyas’ situation, is just beginning to take an interest in their fate and to denounce this ethnic cleansing.

Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi broke her silence in a statement denouncing the “tip of a huge iceberg of misinformation [created for] promoting the interest of the terrorists.” In a country where she still has to deal with the military power, which holds 25% of the seats in Parliament, her recent remarks defeat her image of former dissident and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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  • Sabir Nazar (Pakistan), Caglecartoons.com
    Sabir Nazar (Pakistan), Caglecartoons.com
    "Les Rohingyas de Birmanie" d'après "Le Radeau de La Méduse" de Géricault / After "The Raft of the Meduse" by Gericault
  • Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
    Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
  • Plantu (France), Le Monde
    Plantu (France), Le Monde
    "The Rohingyas" "One million of stateless" "Forgotten Muslims" "Massacres in Myanmar" "No one cares"
  • Maarten Wolterink (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), Cartoon Movement
    Maarten Wolterink (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), Cartoon Movement
    "ONU" "Birmanie"
  • Paresh (Inde / India), The Khaleej Times
    Paresh (Inde / India), The Khaleej Times
    "Birmanie" "Musulmans Rohingyas" "ONU: Quel nettoyage? C'est cela le "nettoyage ethnique"?"
  • Gargalo (Portugal), Cartoon Movement
    Gargalo (Portugal), Cartoon Movement
  • Emad Hajjaj (Jordanie / Jordan), Caglecartoons.com
    Emad Hajjaj (Jordanie / Jordan), Caglecartoons.com
    « Prix Nobel de la Paix et première ministre Aung San Suu Kyi » « Minorité Rohingya »
  • Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
    Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
    Desmond Tutu et Malala Yousafzai, anciens lauréats du prix Nobel de la Paix, ont interpellé Aung San Suu Kyi sur la situation des Rohingyas./ Desmond Tutu and Malala Yousafzai, Peace Nobel Prize winners, urged Aung San Suu Kyi about the Rohingyas' situation.
  • Debuhme (Suisse / Switzerland), Vigousse
    Debuhme (Suisse / Switzerland), Vigousse
    "Myanmar: petition calling to strip the Nobel Peace Prize""Hands off!"
  • Brandan (Afrique du Sud / South Africa), Business Day
    Brandan (Afrique du Sud / South Africa), Business Day
    "Le flambeau de la liberté démocratique et des droits de l'Homme en Birmanie" "Minorité musulmane Rohingya"

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