Editorial of April 20, 2018

No Spring for Syria

On April 7, the Syrian city of Duma was victim of a suspected chemical attack, which killed 50 people. On April 14, the United States, France and the United Kingdom reacted in concerted way and decided to launch airstrikes against Bashar al-Assad. This military operation arrived “too late” according to the opponents of the regime for whom the red line was crossed long time ago.

In an already highly unstable situation, in this war that has already killed nearly 400,000 people in seven years, the international community is facing a dilemma: how to take action and avoid the escalation with the allies of Bashar that are Moscow and Tehran? Can we talk about a “mission accomplished”, as Donald Trump declared, adopting a George W. Bush’s famous phrase during the Iraq war in 2003? Will these strikes reverse the balance of power on the ground and bring a political resolution of the conflict? How long and how many victims will it take before a definitive ceasefire?

These questions show the absurdity of war…

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  • Elchicotriste (Espagne / Spain)
    Elchicotriste (Espagne / Spain)
    "Printemps syrien"
  • Emad Hajjaj (Jordanie / Jordan)
    Emad Hajjaj (Jordanie / Jordan)
    "Nouvelle attaque chimique en Syrie"
  • António (Portugal)
    António (Portugal)
  • Gargalo (Portugal)
    Gargalo (Portugal)
  • Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
    Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
    "Beau, nouveau et intelligent !!!" "C'est ma toute première frappe militaire... I'm so excited!!!!" "Syrie"
  • Vadot (Belgique / Belgium), Le Vif / L’Express
    Vadot (Belgique / Belgium), Le Vif / L’Express
    "Not even hurt" "Not even afraid"
  • Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands)
    Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands)
    "Super groupe"
  • Morin (Etats-Unis / USA)
    Morin (Etats-Unis / USA)
    "Mission accomplie" "Syrie" "Irak"
  • Red ! (France)
    Red ! (France)
    "War: yes" "Chemical war: no"
  • Kroll (Belgique / Belgium), Le Soir
    Kroll (Belgique / Belgium), Le Soir
    "What do we do, now?"

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