Editorial of Thursday April 28, 2016

The European Union faces the migrant crisis

The situation of migrants who arrive in Europe remains critical.

In March, the European Union (EU) and Turkey stroke a deal on migrants, allowing every asylum seekers (Syrian included) who came illegally to Greece after March 20 to be expelled from Europe and send back to Turkey. Since the beginning of April, the EU has been applying this measure.

Greece has been facing the arriving of thousands of migrants alone, ever since the Balkan route was closed. Refugees remain in camps where the living conditions are terrible and the fear of tomorrow permanent.

In Austria, the recent and alarming victory of the far right at the first round of the Presidential elections was followed by the adoption of a new law about migratory “state of emergency”: residence permit limited in time, possibility to ask for an exceptional system in order to prevent migrants from passing the borders, and provide evidence of persecution in the home country.


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  • Hani Abbas (Syria/Palestine)
    Hani Abbas (Syria/Palestine)
  • Ares (Cuba)
    Ares (Cuba)
  • Joel Pett (USA), published in the Lexington Herald and on kentucky.com
    Joel Pett (USA), published in the Lexington Herald and on kentucky.com
  • Boligán (Mexique)
    Boligán (Mexique)
  • Falco (Cuba)
    Falco (Cuba)
  • Tjeerd Royaards (The Netherlands)
    Tjeerd Royaards (The Netherlands)
    Europe, 29 February 2016 Refugees and European solidarity. Vluchtelingen en Europese solidariteit. Tjeerd Royaards/Cartoon Movement/Hollandse Hoogte
  • Osama Hajjaj (Jordan)
    Osama Hajjaj (Jordan)
  • Mix & Remix (Switzerland), published in Le Matin
    Mix & Remix (Switzerland), published in Le Matin
    Immigration : smugglers lie to refugees - ...Hurry up! Hurry up!... - ...Europe is waiting for you!...
  • Hall (USA)
    Hall (USA)
  • Emad Hajjaj (Jordan), published on CagleCartoons
    Emad Hajjaj (Jordan), published on CagleCartoons
  • Million (France)
    Million (France)
    Migrants: return to Turkey. - My son is learning very well their language. I heard democracy. It was ... bureaucracy! // For a possible "official" return to Europe, register here.
  • Chappatte (Switzerland), published in the International New York Times
    Chappatte (Switzerland), published in the International New York Times
  • Plantu (France), published in Le Monde
    Plantu (France), published in Le Monde
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