Editorial of December 8, 2016

December 10, Human Rights Day

On December 10, 1950, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed Human Rights Day “inviting all States and interested organizations” to promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights around the world. This year, it is under the motto “Stand up for someone’s rights today!”

The Cartooning for Peace cartoonists are committed to the defense of human rights. The exhibition “Cartooning for Human Rights” will be presented at the Contemporary Art Center Winzavod in Moscow, there will be also conferences with the Russian and European cartoonists!

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  • Cost (Belgique / Belgium)
    Cost (Belgique / Belgium)
  • Machado (Brésil / Brazil)
    Machado (Brésil / Brazil)
  • Jiho (France)
    Jiho (France)
    "Please... show some humanity!" "Please... don't be vulgar!"
  • Danziger (États-Unis / USA)
    Danziger (États-Unis / USA)
    "La Main invisible", référence à la notion du célèbre philosophe et économiste écossais Adam Smith (1723-1790)
  • Falco (Cuba)
    Falco (Cuba)
  • Darío (Mexique / Mexico)
    Darío (Mexique / Mexico)
  • Glez (Burkina Faso)
    Glez (Burkina Faso)
    "UNESCO Gift"
  • Elena (Colombie / Colombia)
    Elena (Colombie / Colombia)
  • Zlatkovsky (Russie / Russia)
    Zlatkovsky (Russie / Russia)
  • Jul (France)
    Jul (France)
    "OK, just add 10 kg of fair trade coffee and 30 kg of unfair coffee"
  • Shahrokh Heidari (Iran)
    Shahrokh Heidari (Iran)
  • Victor Bogorad (Russie / Russia)
    Victor Bogorad (Russie / Russia)
  • Vlaber (Lituanie / Lithuania)
    Vlaber (Lituanie / Lithuania)
  • Rousso (France)
    Rousso (France)
    "... (S)He is an dreamer!"

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“Press cartoons: a state of affairs’”, a book and an exhibition in Paris

During the whole month of December 2016, the exhibition “Press cartoons: a state of affairs” is on display on Paris City Council’s railings. More info here. 

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Le dessin de presse dans tous ses états / Press cartoons: a state of affairs

Turkish cartoonist Musa Kart detained by police along with journalists from opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet

On Monday 31th October several members of staff from the opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet have been detained by police following raids on their homes. These include editor in chief […]

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PLASSMANN (Allemagne / Germany)

Cartooning for Peace 10 years anniversary in New York

Until December 30th 2016, the Society of Ilustrators in New York is hosting an exclusive exhibition to celebrate Cartooning For Peace’s anniversary. Cartoonists from all over the world, […]

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Attack picture

Malaysian cartoonist Zunar forced to cancel exhibition following violent protests

Long time critic of Prime Minister and government corruption in Malaysia, cartoonist Zunar was forced to cancel his exhibition north of the capital after a pro-government angry mob assaulted […]

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Cartooning for Human Rights

“Cartooning for Human Rights” in Moscow

From November 18th to December 16th, the French Institute in Moscow is presenting the exhibition “Cartooning for Human Rights” at the Contemporary Art Center Winzavod. The project aims […]

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