Cartooning for Peace / “Decoding the stars” goes around Wallonia

“Decoding the stars” goes around Wallonia

Created by Cartooning for Peace and the European Commission, the exhibition “Decoding the Stars” presents with humour and irony, through caricature, the issues that have fed European politics for more than half a century. In a few images, in a few bubbles, the designers highlight the concerns of citizens. This ode to diversity and tolerance brings out the debate around 15 major themes, including Europe and economic growth, Europe and Africa, freedom of expression, the death penalty and European youth.

50 press cartoons thus confront themselves with the ideals of those who dreamed of yesterday’s Europe: Victor Hugo, Robert Shuman, Louise Weiss, Jean Monnet…and today’s: Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Kofi Annan, etc..

Throughout the month of May, “Décoder les étoiles” tours Wallonia, from Liège to Mons via Verviers, on the occasion of Europe Day!


The exhibition “Decoding the stars” can be visited free of charge in the following Espaces Wallonie (Wallonia Spaces) :

From May 2 to June 3 to

– Arlon – Place Didier, 42 – 6700 Arlon

– La Louvière – Rue Sylvain Guyaux, 49 – 7100 La Louvière

– Liège – Place Saint-Michel, 86 – 4000 Liège

– Mons – Rue de la Seuwe, 18-19 – 7000 Mons

– Namur – Rue de Bruxelles 20 – 5000 Namur

– Nivelles – Rue de Namur, 67 – 1400 Nivelles

– Tournai – Rue de la Wallonie 19/21 – 7500 Tournai

– Verviers – Rue Coronmeuse, 46 – 4800 Verviers

May 2 to May 23 to

– Charleroi – Rue de France, 3 – 6000 Charleroi

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5 pm (last entrance at 4.30 pm) – Closed on Monday 14 May and public holidays.

Info: or free phone number 1718

For groups, please contact or 081/321.567 – 081/321.535.

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