Assembly and demonstration by world cartoonists in support of Akram Raslan
05.10.2013, in St Just Le Martel (France)

On 2 October 2012, Syrian cartoonist Akram Raslan was arrested by Syrian military intelligence , while he was at the government newspaper Al-Fida’a building in Hama. Akram Raslan (born 1974) began to draw caricatures of President Bashar Al- Assad in 2011, that he posted on social networks and Al -Jazeera site. Meanwhile, he was still living in Syria.
On July 26, Akram Raslan and other prisoners of conscience including journalists, artists, singers and other intellectuals were secretly put on trial with no witnesses, no defense attorneys, no appeal, and no hope for justice.  From unconfirmed and sketchy reports we learned that they were all condemned to life imprisonment.

On Saturday, some sources  revealed that Akram Raslan and probably other prisoners were executed on the way to jail, under the orders of the Deputy Vice President for Security Affairs in Syria.

This appalling new of Akram Raslan’s murder is not officially confirmed…we are still hoping!

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