Editorial of 26/11/2015

A united international coalition against The Islamic State ?

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  • Antonio (Portugal), published in "El Publico"
    Antonio (Portugal), published in "El Publico"
  • Chappatte (Switzerland), published in "Le Temps"
    Chappatte (Switzerland), published in "Le Temps"
  • Plantu (France), published in "Le Monde"
    Plantu (France), published in "Le Monde"
  • Jiho (France), published in "Marianne"
    Jiho (France), published in "Marianne"
  • Khalid (Morocco)
    Khalid (Morocco)
  • Kichka (Israel)
    Kichka (Israel)
  • Morin (USA), published in "The Miami Herald"
    Morin (USA), published in "The Miami Herald"
  • Kichka (Israel)
    Kichka (Israel)
  • Chappatte (Switzerland), published in "The International New York Times"
    Chappatte (Switzerland), published in "The International New York Times"
  • Vadot (Belgium), published in "Le Vif / L
    Vadot (Belgium), published in "Le Vif / L'Express"
  • Firoozeh (Iran)
    Firoozeh (Iran)

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COP21: Greenpeace daily newsletter

Official negotiations can’t be the only place where to discuss Climate change issues. For that reason, Greenpeace proposes a daily newsletter during the COP21, available online for free. […]

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Cartooning for Peace condemns the tragic events that occurred on the evening of November 13rd in Paris, following the attack in Beirut. Terrorism which strikes our societies must not […]

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Osama Hajjaj (Jordan)

A new Cartooning for Peace educational exhibition about the Mediterranean Region

From November 10 2015, Cartooning for Peace presents its new education exhibition about the Mediterranean Region’s contemporary issues : “Draw me the Mediterranean”. Its aim ? Give young […]

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“Draw me the war” the exhibition will be presented soon in Saint Saturnin

In partnership with Fondation Varenne, the exhibition “Draw me the war – cartoons from 1914 to 2014” will be presented in Festival “Jours de Lumière” in Saint Saturnin. […]

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I make you a drawing
Kakemono expo WILLIS FROM TUNIS_def(1)

Revolution and (dis)enchantment

From November 13 to 22, The Forum des images in Paris presents an exhibition of Tunisian cartoonist Willis from Tunis.

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Réunis au festival de Saint-Just Le Martel en septembre 2013, les dessinateurs de presse signent un appel pour la libération d'Akram Raslan

Syrian cartoonist Akram Raslan tortured to death

Syrian cartoonist Akram Ralsan was arrested on October, 2 2012 in Hama. In a press release on September 22, Reporters Without Borders reported that Akram Ralsan died in […]

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