Editorial of September 13, 2018

Inequalities and Sex, on the Programme of the Cartooning for Peace / Gallimard Collection

Building on its success, the Cartooning for Peace collection, published by Gallimard since 2017, is growing! Two new titles are being released in France (but also in Spain by Éditions Akal) on September 13 and enrich this editorial adventure. Through their cutting pencils, press cartoonists from all over the world deal with major current affairs and social, on the programme:


While the number of people living below the global poverty line has declined significantly in recent years, the gap between the living standards of the poorest and the wealthiest continues to widen. Cartoonists alert us to this phenomenon and invite us, through a selection of 60 drawings from the international press, to a collective awareness of the economic and social inequalities of our time. The preface is written by Thomas Piketty, an internationally renowned economist and author of several successful books.


At a time when the voices of victims of sexual harassment are being heard after the Weinstein case, cartoonists are accompanying this shift in consciousness by questioning what sexuality is about today. A selection of 60 press cartoons from all over the world explore the concepts of taboos and pleasures, but also love and, sometimes, violence. The preface is signed by Maryse Wolinski, journalist and writer. Engaged in the feminist revolution, she is the author of several stories and novels.

To read the press release (in French).

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  • Kichka (Israël / Israel) – Selçuk Demirel (France)
    Kichka (Israël / Israel) – Selçuk Demirel (France)
    "Inequalities in the balance" "Sex on the front page"
  • Bénédicte (Suisse / Switzerland)
    Bénédicte (Suisse / Switzerland)
    "Would you be tempted not to pay taxes?" "Legal advisor"
  • Cécile Bertrand (Belgique / Belgium)
    Cécile Bertrand (Belgique / Belgium)
    "North-South: the big gap" "Empty your head" "Fill my plate"
  • Côté (Canada)
    Côté (Canada)
    "There are two ways to avoid paying taxes.... Go live on the streets or become a millionaire!"
  • Darío (Mexique / Mexico)
    Darío (Mexique / Mexico)
  • Ares (Cuba)
    Ares (Cuba)
  • Chappatte (Suisse / Switzerland)
    Chappatte (Suisse / Switzerland)
  • Haderer (Autriche / Austria)
    Haderer (Autriche / Austria)
  • Cécile Bertrand (Belgique / Belgium)
    Cécile Bertrand (Belgique / Belgium)
    "The ceiling needs a little boost, too...."

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