Editorial of December 14, 2017

The Migration Crisis: a Crucial Issue for the Defense of Human Rights

December 10, International Human Rights Day … December 18, International Migrants Day… An opportunity to focus on the tragic fate of migrants and the violence that they experience.

The last few months have been particularly alarming: one immediately thinks about the migrants who are reduced to slavery in Libya, which a recent CNN report has exposed, and which has outraged the public opinion and mobilized the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

We also think about the ordeal experienced by the Rohingya, a stateless Muslim minority that is rejected in Burma and forced into exile. Among the 640 000 people who have taken refuge in Bangladesh, 6 700 were killed. The UN denounces a real “ethnic cleansing”.

On the eve of a year marked by the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there is an urgent need to place the human being back at the heart of this unprecedented global migration crisis.

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  • Yas (France)
    Yas (France)
  • Gado (Kenya)
    Gado (Kenya)
    "Je croyais que l'esclavage avait été aboli au XIXe siècle ?" "Oh ! Non, il a été démocratisé et rebaptisé !!"
  • Delambre (France), Le Canard enchaîné
    Delambre (France), Le Canard enchaîné
    "Black Friday in Libya: good bargains" "Sales"
  • Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
    Stephff (Thaïlande / Thailand), The Nation
  • Plantu (France), Le Monde
    Plantu (France), Le Monde
    "The Rohingya" "Massacre in Burma" "A million of stateless" "Forgotten Muslims" "Nobody cares"
  • Tjeerd Royaards (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), Cartoon Movement
    Tjeerd Royaards (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), Cartoon Movement
  • Cristina (Portugal)
    Cristina (Portugal)
  • Zlatkovsky (Russie / Russia)
    Zlatkovsky (Russie / Russia)
  • Boligán (Mexique / Mexico), El Universal
    Boligán (Mexique / Mexico), El Universal
  • Hani Abbas (Syrie-Palestine / Syria-Palestine)
    Hani Abbas (Syrie-Palestine / Syria-Palestine)

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