Editorial of May 19th 2017

Trump: a spiral of scandals

Since Donald Trump fired James Comey, director of the FBI, on May 9th, several revelations came to increase this scandal. In order to justify his decision, the President mentioned Comey’s supposed mishandling on the Hillary Clinton e-mails affair. But it is, in all likelihood, the FBI investigation into the collusion between those close to Trump and Russian officials that is involved.

On May 15th, the Washington Post published a disturbing investigation of a closed meeting between Trump and Segueri Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister. During this meeting, the President would have revealed some classified information about ISIS. The day after, the New York Times discloses a touchier episode : during a one to one discussion in February, Trump would have suggest Comey to give up his investigation on Michael Flynn (at the time National security adviser).

Suspected of attempt to obstruct Justice, Donald Trump could face an impeachment process. But this procedure has to be launched by the Congress, where the President still has a majority…

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  • Danziger (USA), The Rutland Herald
    Danziger (USA), The Rutland Herald
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  • Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas/Netherlands)
    Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas/Netherlands)
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    FaditoOn (Norvège/Norway), Cartoon Movement
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    Rodríguez (Mexique/Mexico), La Voz de Michoacán
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    Tjeerd Royaards (Pays-Bas/Netherlands), Cartoon Movement
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    Marec (Belgique/Belgium), Het Nieuwsblad
  • Riber (Norvège/Norway), Sydsvenskan
    Riber (Norvège/Norway), Sydsvenskan
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    Hall (USA), Halltoons.com
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    Morin (USA), Miami Herald
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    Vadot (Belgique/Belgium), Le Vif
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