Editorial of March 16, 2018

Syria, 7 years of tragedy

March 15, 2011, a call to protest against the regime in every city in the country is launched on social networks, despite the emergency law in effect since 1963. Since then, Syria is trapped in a civil war that has done more than 350,000 victims, including 19,811 children *. Nearly 6.1 million Syrians are internally displaced, while 5.6 million have found refuge in neighboring countries. Numbers that increase dramatically each year and reflect the magnitude of this conflict in which other regional and global powers got involved.

Recently, Daesh lost much of its bastions in Syria and Bashar al-Assad, thanks to the military support of Russia and Iran, has managed to recapture more than half of the country. His forces are leading a fierce battle in Eastern Ghouta, a rebel enclave where the Syrian regime has not hesitated to use chemical weapons. The UN-brokered ceasefire was not respected and the international community missed every opportunity to force the various actors in the conflict to put an end to the Syrian war crimes.

* According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
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