Editorial of October 4, 2018

“Les droits de l’Homme, c’est pour quand?” (When Are Human Rights Due?), Special Edition in the Cartooning for Peace / Gallimard Collection

Building on its success, the Cartooning for Peace collection, published by Gallimard since 2017, is growing!

A special edition on human rights enriches this first-of-its-kind editorial adventure. 70 years after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, press cartoonists from around the world are defending justice and freedom for all.

Adopted in December 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights identifies the fundamental rights of all human beings, including non-discrimination, the right to housing, education, medical care, freedom of opinion and expression, the free movement of persons… 70 years after the signature of this founding text, what about human rights? Press cartoonists take part in the tireless fight for justice and freedom and denounce human rights violations, particularly in Syria, Yemen, Turkey, China, Egypt, Venezuela and Southern Sudan.

In this album, Christiane Taubira, former Minister of Justice under the presidency of François Hollande, gives her point of view as a committed defender of human rights. The selection of 120 cartoons reflects: rigged elections in Egypt or Russia; chemical weapons used by government forces against the Syrian people; the fate of migrants in the Mediterranean; violence against women… All these examples show us that the ideal of human rights has yet to be achieved.

Royalties are donated to Cartooning for Peace to support threatened cartoonists. 

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  • Dessin de couverture / Cover cartoon: HANI ABBAS (Syrie-Palestine / Syria-Palestine)
    Dessin de couverture / Cover cartoon: HANI ABBAS (Syrie-Palestine / Syria-Palestine)
  • BOLIGÁN (Mexique / Mexico), El Universal
    BOLIGÁN (Mexique / Mexico), El Universal
    "Liberté" "Démocratie" "Droits de l'Homme" "Femme = homme" "Liberté"
  • COST. (Belgique / Belgium)
    COST. (Belgique / Belgium)
  • GARGALO (Portugal)
    GARGALO (Portugal)
  • DARÍO (Mexique / Mexico)
    DARÍO (Mexique / Mexico)
  • WILLIS FROM TUNIS (Tunisie/ Tunisia)
    WILLIS FROM TUNIS (Tunisie/ Tunisia)
    "Women can finally drive in Saudi Arabia..." "Open! Quickly!" "Border"
  • GATTO (Italie / Italy)
    GATTO (Italie / Italy)
  • XIA (Chine / China)
    XIA (Chine / China)
  • VADOT (Belgique / Belgium)
    VADOT (Belgique / Belgium)
    "So, Kofi, how's it going down there?" "If you only knew, Madiba..."

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