Editorial of June 25, 2017

France: nothing stops Emmanuel Macron!

The second round of the General elections on June 18 was won by La République en Marche (LREM), the party created by the recently elected President Macron. LREM obtained a large majority in the National Assembly with 308 seats and 43.06% votes cast.

“A Tsunami named Macron”, ” Macron’s landslide “… The press doesn’t know what metaphor could describe the meteoric rise of this “Jupiterian President” who, just a year ago, was only an outsider in politics.

Yet, a high abstention taints this success: 57.4%. An unprecedented record in France since 1958.

Just a few weeks after they had taken office, four ministers* had resigned after the suspicions of fictitious jobs.

Nothing stops Emmanuel Macron … but nothing is won in advance!

* Sylvie Goulard (replaced by Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces), Richard Ferrand (replaced by Jacques Mézard, Minister for Territorial Cohesion), Marielle de Sarnez (replaced by Nathalie Loiseau, Minister for European Affairs) Replaced by Nicole Belloubet, keeper of the Seals).

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  • Pov (Madagascar), L’Express de Maurice
    Pov (Madagascar), L’Express de Maurice
  • Plantu (France), Le Monde
    Plantu (France), Le Monde
    "Are you sure that he is not doped?" "Hollande - Presidential election - General elections"
  • Kroll (Belgique / Belgium), Le Soir
    Kroll (Belgique / Belgium), Le Soir
    "Macron, the man who wins all his challenges" "One day, I will marry the teacher." "Are you kidding, Manu!" // "Soon, I will be the next French President." "It is late, Emmanuel. Try to sleep." // "In June, I will have the parliamentary majority." "Mr. President, would you also like to win the Tour de France?" "If I have time."
  • Khalid Gueddar (Maroc / Morocco)
    Khalid Gueddar (Maroc / Morocco)
  • Jiho (France), Marianne
    Jiho (France), Marianne
    "The Alien"
  • Kroll (Belgique/ Belgium), Le Soir
    Kroll (Belgique/ Belgium), Le Soir
    "The second round of the [General elections] in France: high rate of abstention" "I don't know if I will go to vote. It seems I will win!" "Not you, Mr. President ?!... I think it is important you vote."
  • Chappatte (Suisse / Switzerland), Le Temps
    Chappatte (Suisse / Switzerland), Le Temps
    "Liberty, Equality and I do not care"
  • Lefred-Thouron (France), Le Canard enchaîné
    Lefred-Thouron (France), Le Canard enchaîné
    "Anyone can waltz in the government as they are please!" "So... It is not a cabinet shuffle anymore! It is a purge!" "Technical."
  • Plantu (France), Le Monde
    Plantu (France), Le Monde
    "Make Music Day"
  • Vadot (Belgique / Belgium), Le Vif/L’Express
    Vadot (Belgique / Belgium), Le Vif/L’Express

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