Editorial of February 16, 2018

Jacob Zuma’s Resignation : the End of an Error ?

President Jacob Zuma, who has been leading South Africa for the past 8 years, has finally gave in to the growing pressure of the last days. Abandoned by his own party (the ANC), he finally announced on February 14 his resignation with “immediate effect” despite his “disagreement”. As provided by the constitution, Cyril Ramaphosa, vice-president of the country and head of the ANC, will be the interim President.

Zuma is a highly controversial figure who has been involved, for a long time, in many corruption and sex scandals, and who is responsible of the sluggish economy of the country. “The end of an error” for the South African cartoonist Zapiro, who was the first who drew Zuma with the shower on his head. In 2004, Zuma is charged with rape against an HIV-positive woman. During his trial, he said he took a shower because this “would minimize the risk of contracting the disease“, which caused a great indignation in the international press.

The nightmare is over. It is morning in South Africa. Again.”, wrote the Daily Maverick newspaper… as long as it is not a cold shower!

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  • Zapiro (Afrique du Sud / South Africa), Daily Maverick
    Zapiro (Afrique du Sud / South Africa), Daily Maverick
    "La fin d'une erreur". En anglais, "The end of an error" est un jeu de mots et de sonorités de l'expression "The end of an era" (littéralement, "La fin d'une ère").
  • Victor Ndula (Kenya), The Star
    Victor Ndula (Kenya), The Star
  • Brandan (Afrique du Sud / South Africa), Business Times
    Brandan (Afrique du Sud / South Africa), Business Times
    "Enfin... les Jeux olympiques d'hiver 2018 de l'ANC" De gauche à droite / From left to right: Cyril Ramaphosa and Jacob Zuma
  • Khalid Gueddar (Maroc / Morocco)
    Khalid Gueddar (Maroc / Morocco)
  • Roer Hagen (Norvège / Norway), Verdens Gang
    Roer Hagen (Norvège / Norway), Verdens Gang
  • Paresh (Inde / India), CagleCartoons
    Paresh (Inde / India), CagleCartoons
    "Afrique du Sud" "Scandale de corruption" "Sortie" "Cela fait des années que tu me poursuis !"
  • Simanca (Brésil / Brazil), CagleCartoons
    Simanca (Brésil / Brazil), CagleCartoons
  • Glez (Burkina Faso), The Africa Report
    Glez (Burkina Faso), The Africa Report
    "Zéro Rand" Le Rand est la monnaie officielle de l'Afrique du Sud.
  • Victor Ndula (Kenya), The Star
    Victor Ndula (Kenya), The Star
    "Les beaux couchers de soleil en Afrique..." Jammeh (ancien président de la Gambie / former President of Gambia), Mugabe (ancien président du Zimbabwe / former president of Zimbabwe) et/and Zuma.
  • Tjeerd Royaards (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), Cartoon Movement
    Tjeerd Royaards (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), Cartoon Movement

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