Editorial of October 20, 2017

Action! Against sexual assault

The Harvey Weinstein scandal, a famous American producer accused of sexual harassment and rape, has been a devastating hurricane in Hollywood. His unacceptable behavior benefited from the complicity of his entourage.

We no longer count the number of women who dared to lance the boil. On October 14, he is also excluded from the Academy Awards.

The political world is also affected, as Weinstein was one of the main donors of the Democratic Party.

The case quickly gained civil society worldwide, and mobilization campaigns multiplied on social networks: #MeToo in the United States, #BalanceTonPorc in France…

At least this scandal put forward a taboo and painful subject.

* In France, for example, one in five women have experienced sexual harassment at work.

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  • Chappatte (Suisse / Switzerland), The New York Times
    Chappatte (Suisse / Switzerland), The New York Times
  • Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), De Groene Amsterdammer
    Joep Bertrams (Pays-Bas / The Netherlands), De Groene Amsterdammer
    "Jamais remarqué auparavant"
  • Vadot (Belgique / Belgium), L’Écho
    Vadot (Belgique / Belgium), L’Écho
    "Devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey..." "September: Texas" "October: California" "Chuck out all your pigs!"
  • Adamy Zyglis (États-Unis / USA), Calgecartoons.com
    Adamy Zyglis (États-Unis / USA), Calgecartoons.com
    "Le silence des agneaux" "Je n'entends pas le viol" "Je ne vois pas de harcèlement" "Je ne parle pas du scandale"
  • Cécile Bertrand (Belgique / Belgium), DKP
    Cécile Bertrand (Belgique / Belgium), DKP
    "Weinstein: et le perdant est..."
  • Milt Priggee (États-Unis / USA), Caglecartoons.com
    Milt Priggee (États-Unis / USA), Caglecartoons.com
  • Bado (Canada), Le Droit
    Bado (Canada), Le Droit
    "#MyHarveyWeinstein" "MeToo"
  • Jeff Koterba (États-Unis / USA), Caglecartoons.com
    Jeff Koterba (États-Unis / USA), Caglecartoons.com
    "#MoiAussi" "#JeN'AvaisAucuneIdée"
  • Jiho (France), Marianne
    Jiho (France), Marianne
    "#ChuckOutYourPig has a huge success" "The sky is heavy!"
  • Chappatte (Suisse / Switzerland), Le Temps
    Chappatte (Suisse / Switzerland), Le Temps
    "With us the couches come before celebrating the promotion."

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